Monday, 15 April 2019

Liam's Science News

Liam put some baking soda in a balloon which he then attached over the top of a bottle that had some vinegar in it. When he tilted the balloon, the baking soda mixed in with the vinegar and caused a chemical reaction. The balloon quickly filled up with a gas. When we tied the balloon up and dropped we thought it would float but it just fell to the ground. The gas inside was a heavy gas called carbon dioxide. Thank you Liam for your awesome experiment.

Shared Lunch

Today we had a shared lunch to farewell Dejay and his family as they move to Twizel for school. We are sad to say goodbye Dejay but I'm sure we will see you again one day.

Yummy hot cross buns for morning tea

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Stafford for our lovely hot cross buns that we had for morning tea on Wednesday. They were yummy.

Congratulations for great work on xtramaths tables

Congratulations to Lachie, Kaley, Ashley and Xavier C for doing well on their xtramaths tables progress. I am very proud of you. Keep up the good efforts.

Blaine Showed Us His Great Grandad's War Medals

Blaine brought his Great Grandad's war medals to share with the class. They belonged to Patrick O'Brien. Blaine was very proud of them and the bravery of his Great Grandad Paddy.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Kaley's Science News

Today Kaley showed us how a lava lamp works. She had oil in a jar and then she poured in some water which immediately dropped down to the bottom of the jar. Then she added some red food colouring and mixed it and finally she added in an Alka Seltzer tablet which started making the fat globules in the oil push up to the top and then spread out again making really interesting patterns. It was a cool experiment to watch - thank you Kayley.

Well done Carlo!

Carlo shared his exciting news about BMX racing with us today. Carlo got lots of certificates and also got a trophy for all his hard work at BMX during the season. Prize giving was on Tuesday night and is finished now till September. Well done Carlo!